Living and working in Italy: FAQs

Jul 04, 2018
Can I apply or extend my business visa in Italy? Can I work in other EU countries with my Italian permit? Can I bring my spouse and children with me? More questions about living and working in Italy, find out answers in this article.
Can I extend my 90-day business stay/visa? NO Extension is possible only in cases of force majeure (hospitalization)
Can I be in Italy while my work permit application is pending? YES Only business activities are allowed
Can I apply for my work visa while I am in Italy? NO Visa application must be filed at Italian Consulate where you are domiciled
Do I need to apply in person for my visa? YES Consulate will keep your passport while an application is pending
Will the Consulate interview me?
“work” visas do not generally require an interview, except for “self-employment “ visas
Do I need to register when I enter Italy with my work visa?

Within 8 days from entry you must apply for Police registration and request a permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno)
Shall I extend my 1-year work visa when it expires? NO Only your permit of stay (and work permit) must be extended
Can I work in other EU countries with my Italian permit? NO Only an ICT permit issued under Directive 66/2014 allows working in other countries
Will past criminal charges impact on my work permit application? NO Only if you are listed in the Schengen Information System (SIS) or Interpol Database*
Can I travel in other Schengen countries with a postal receipt proving that my renewal application is pending?
Can I travel to my country while I am waiting for my permit of stay extension?
You need to avoid any transit or layover in other Schengen countries
Can I bring my spouse and children with me?
If you obtain a minimum 1-year visa
Can my spouse work while in Italy?
Can I rent an apartment before obtaining my work visa?
Can I obtain the Italian tax Code (codice fiscale) before I have my visa and go to Italy?
Do I have to pass a language test?
Anyone who applies for a 1-year (or longer) permit must pass a basic language test within 2 years

* Entry can be denied to individuals who have been convicted for homicide, robbery, riot, harm against public officers, narcotics trafficking, sex offenses and abuses, aiding and abetting of illegal immigrants, prostitution exploitation, employment of minors in illicit activities, copyright-related offenses.

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