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Nov 22, 2018

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Generally speaking any foreign national or EU national legally residing in Italy has the right to have family members joining.

Family members of a non-EU national residing in Italy

Foreign national legally residing in Italy or in possession of a visa of at least 1 year has the right to have family members joining. Main eligibility requirements are:

  • availability of adequate housing and proof that the financial/maintenance requirement is met
  • provide documented proof of relationship to the person with a regular immigration status in Italy

Family members who qualify for a family permit (permesso di soggiorno per motivi familiari) are:

  • spouse, regularly married and of full legal age (at least 18);
  • children under 18 (also spouse’s children provided the other parent consent is granted);
  • children over 18, only if financially dependent due to serious disability
  • financially dependent parents, provided they do not have any other children in their country of origin or
  • parents over 65 if they do not have any other children who can financially support them in their home country because of serious health reasons

Family members of an EU national residing in Italy

Under the EU principle of freedom of movement and establishment, EU Citizens have the right to enter and stay freely in Italy subject to different procedures depending upon the intended length of stay (less or more than three months). Similar provisions apply to family members accompanying or joining the EU citizen. Family members of an EU national residing in Italy are entitled to obtain an Italian long-term Residence Permit (Carta di Soggiorno per familiare di cittadino comunitario).

The following family members are eligible to apply:

  • spouse;
  • a partner who has entered into a registered union with an EU/EEA citizen, legally recognized;
  • children under 21 years of age or financially dependent children, including those of the partner or spouse;
  • parents if financially dependent, including those of the partner or spouse.

Rights of residence derived from a durable relationship with an EU citizen

An application is possible also for any other family members (under certain circumstances) and for the partner with whom the EU citizen has a durable relationship, duly attested.

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