Convert residence permit from study to work purpose: FAQs

Jul 20, 2018

If you are holding a valid study residence permit (permesso di soggiorno per studio), you can work in Italy for max. 20 hours per week, up to max.1040 hours per year. However, if you want to work in Italy full time or remain in Italy after the expiration of your permit, you will need to convert it into a permit for employment or self-employment.

Who can apply for permit conversion?

  • Holders of valid study residence permit who get a full-time job offer can apply for conversion into a residence permit for subordinate work (permesso di soggiorno lavoro subordinato).
  • Holders of valid study residence permit meeting the requirements for self-employment in Italy can apply for conversion into a residence permit for self-employment (permesso di soggiorno lavoro autonomo).

When should I apply? 

You must apply for the conversion when your residence permit for study is still valid, and

  • apply after the publication of the annual “Decreto flussi” which determines the numbers work permits reserved to a certain category of applicants (“quotas” are normally released every year between December and February. Quotas are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis); or
  • If you hold an accredited Italian degree or a postgraduate degree, you can apply at any time regardless of the quota limitation. (see more information in the tab below)

How should I apply? 

  • Step 1: Register on the Ministry of the Interior
  • Step 2: Submit an online application.
  • Step 3: Submit original documents to the Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione at the Prefettura having jurisdiction over your place of residency (Residenza). Prefettura will approve the conversion if the requirements are met.
  • Step 4: Sign the contract of stay (Contratto di soggiorno) and/or pick up the residence permit application forms at the Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione.
  • Step 5: File new residence permit application in the post office.
  • Step 6: attend the fingerprints and identification appointment at the local police office.
  • Step 7: Obtain your new residence permit.

What if I need more time for job searching in Italy?

If you hold an accredited undergraduate/graduate degree, Ph.D., university “master”, first/second level academic degree, Higher Technical Institute diploma. You can register as unemployed and apply for a permit for the purpose of job searching or entrepreneurship (Permesso di soggiorno per ricerca lavoro o imprenditorialitadegli studenti). This kind of permit allows students to legally live in Italy after their graduation while searching for a job/start a business for max 1 year.

Other options?

  • Have a look at #STARTUPHUB. It’s a program for those willing to set up or join a Startup in Italy.
  • You might be interested also in EU BLUE CARD. There is a special work permit only for highly skilled and qualified employees which is Not subject to quotas.

All options for Study Permit holders in one glance:

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