2018 AILA Global Immigration Forum

Jun 12, 2018


2018 AILA Global Immigration Forum was held on June 11-13, 2018 in San Francisco. The conference was titled: “Disrupting Business As Usual in the City by the Bay: Global Immigration Practice in a Restrictionist Era” and focused on current corporate immigration challenges, as well legislation changes around the globe.

Avv. Marco Mazzeschi has participated in the section of “No Longer Business as Usual: The Future of the Global Business Traveler”. This session discussed the current state of affairs with regard to global business travel and short-term assignments in a restrictionist environment and what the future is likely to hold, including:

  • Trends in corporate use of business travel and short-term assignments as an alternative to more traditional long-term assignments;
  • Challenges faced with this approach in light of the increasing restrictionist and enforcement-oriented political climate around immigration;
  • Opportunities and benefits opened up by jurisdictions that have not followed the restrictionist trend; and
  • Predictions on what the future of global immigration is likely to hold.


  • Stephanie Lewin, (DL), Chicago, Illinois
  • Marcel Reurs, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Ben Sheldrick, London, United Kingdom
  • Daniela Lima, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Grace Shie, U.S./China
  • Marco Mazzeschi, Milan, Italy
  • Jane Carroll, Chicago, IL

For more information please visit the website: https://agora.aila.org/Conference/Detail/1424
View the complete conference program: http://www.ailadownloads.org/agora/inpersonconfprog/2018/2018_Global_Imm_Forum-Program.pdf


Panel: No Longer Business as Usual: The Future of the Global Business Traveler in 2018 AILA Global Immigration Forum




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