Speaker in Seminar organized by Chinese Enterprises Association

May 14, 2019

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Avv. Marco Mazzeschi is honored to be invited to participate in the seminar organized by Chinese Enterprises Association, and sponsored by our partner Jiang Tai Global Assistance Service, ASSITECA S.p.A., and Mazzeschi s.r.l.. The topic of the seminar is Risk Management of Chinese Enterprises and Localized Employee welfare and Avv. Mazzeschi will be speaking on the topic of Risk management in Italian enterprises.


【SEMINAR】Risk Management of Chinese Enterprises and Localized Employee welfare

Time5th of June 2019  14:00~17:00

Locationoffice of CCPIT (Via Vittor Pisani, 9, 20124, MI)

LanguageChinese/English (PPT in Chinese)

OrganizerChinese Enterprises Association

SponsorRepresentative office of Jiang Tai Global Assistance Service, ASSITECA S.p.A., Mazzeschi Srl




Risk management in Italian enterprises

——意大利Mazzeschi律师事务所副总裁 Marco Mazzeschi

Mazzeschi Srl / Vice President / Legal Counsel /Marco Mazzeschi



Introduction of Italian insurance market and advice on risk management for Chinese institutions

——意大利Assiteca保险经纪公司国际业务总监 Steven Zan

ASSITECA S.p.A./International Division Director /Steven Zan


茶歇/Tea break



Localized employee welfare


ASSITECA S.p.A./Consultant



Overseas assistance services for employees of Chinese institutions


    Jiang Tai Global Assistance Service/Chief representative/Meiling Chang


咨询和答疑 Q&A

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