Condo hotels have finally arrived in Italy

22 Mar 18

Condo hotels are now a reality also in Italy. A condo hotel is a hotel in which some of the rooms have been transformed into small apartments equipped with services and a kitchen and sold to private buyers. The advantages of buying a property in a condo-hotel are plural: the owners will make a real estate investment in Italy; they will use the apartment when needed and rent and manage it as a hotel room in the periods when it is not used, sharing the profits with the hotel management. This is particularly advantageous for foreign citizens spending in Italy only part of the year. They will have a property available, with the facilities of a hotel and without the hassle related to being the owner of a standard private apartment.

In Italy decree 13/2018 governing condo hotels has entered into force on March 21st.

This post was written by Ya Hsin
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