Mazzeschi contributes to the Dual Citizenship Report

27 Mar 18

As a top tier specialised law firm in Italy, Mazzeschi is pleased to have been selected to contribute to the Dual Citizenship Report.

The Dual Citizenship Report is the definitive guide to Dual Citizenship compiled and edited by our Maltese partners, Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates. It is based on citizenship legislation from the various European countries pertaining to the different ways one may acquire Dual Citizenship. This report is the result of a collaboration of over 30 European Law firms, all of which specialise in Immigration law. The report can be accessed through, an online interactive platform which increases its reach to a wider audience.

Our firm has contributed to the Italy chapter, where we outlined the most recent developments of the citizenship legislation in our jurisdiction, more specifically on the different ways one may acquire citizenship. We also discussed dual citizenship in Italy and the possibility or lack thereof of having more than one citizenship.

We are pleased to form part of this comprehensive legal analysis and we look forward to further contributions and updates in the future.

This post was written by Ya Hsin
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