Italy Startup Visa

The “start-up visa” is aimed at non-EU nationals intending to set up an innovative start-up business or to join an already established startup Company. Contact us for more details.

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The Italia Startup visa and the Italia startup hub programs are temporarily suspended so applications cannot be filed during this period. Applications will resume as soon as possible.

[updated Mar 31, 2021]

Italy Startup Visa

The “start-up visa” is aimed to non-EU nationals intending to set up an innovative start-up business (companies must meet the conditions set forth by law 221/2012) or to join an already established startup Company.

The Italia start-up visa program is aimed at entrepreneurs intending to relocate to Italy to set up an innovative start-up business (companies must meet the conditions set forth by law 221/2012) or to join an already established startup company (see below).

Startup visas are subject to the availability of immigration quotas issued yearly by the Government.

Who is Eligible for Startup Visa?

The applicant must prove the availability of at least € 50,000 to be used for the sole purpose of establishing and operating the start-up and submit a detailed business plan for an “innovative” project with a strong character of technological innovation.

The program guarantees a streamlined application procedure, with an online clearance application and the issuance of a visa and residence permit under the fast-track procedure.

The start-up visa (visto lavoro autonomo start up) can also be obtained by those intending to join an existing start-up (in this case, must make sure that:

  1. 1. the investment is for at least 100.000;
  2. 2. they will cover one of the following positions: chairman / CEO / member of the board of directors / auditor;
  3. 3. they will also work as self-employees for the company (i.e. as independent consultant etc.).

The law gives the possibility to file the start-up visa applications through a certified incubator i.e. an Italian company having specific features and that can host start-ups and help them by providing technical, legal, and management support, as well as equipment and space where the start-ups can develop their business.

Our Services for Startup Visa

We can assist clients with every step of the process, from the clearance application until the collection of the residence permit. Contact us for a free quote, we would be delighted to help you reach your targets and goals.

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