Italian Immigration Steps & Strategy – Paid Consultation (30mins)

Our consultation is ideal for advice on the correct and more suitable immigration solution and to have an overview of the process.

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Italian Immigration Steps & Strategy - 30 mins Consultation Call

If you are uncertain whether you could qualify for a specific immigration process, or you are not sure how to proceed with an application, The Italian Immigration Steps & Strategy Consultation is ideal for you to navigate effectively through the complicated legal system when dealing with a variety of issues related to Italian immigration law. The consultation last 30-minutes long on Zoom.

Host of Consultation:

Marco Mazzeschi

Italian immigration are complex matters requiring specialist knowledge and expertise in procedures, book a consultation call with one of the leading corporate immigration lawyers in Italy - Avv. Marco Mazzeschi will help you to quickly get the answers you need.

Avv. Marco Mazzeschi, the founder of Mazzeschi Srl, has 30 years experience in corporate immigration and commercial law. He is “an absolute top name” who stands out as “the most prominent attorney in Italy” in the area according to Who’s who legal’s Corporate Immigration 2019: Analysis, he is also the most highly recommended immigration lawyer in Italy in the WWL 2018’s research. View profile →

Consultation Fees:

Consultation Cost: 150 EUR (IVA included)
If you engage our law firm within 7 calendar days of your consultation, we will be happy to credit your consultation fee towards the total cost of your case.

How it works:

  1. 1. Check Avv. Marco Mazzeschi's availability and select a date & time slot
  2. 2. Fill out the online form. When filling out the form, please take your time and be as specific as possible. Please include information for yourself, your family members, education and experience, your immigration status (if any). It will help us understand the situation better and suggest possible solutions.
  3. 3. Proceed payment with PayPal and schedule your consultation call
  4. 4. Receive a confirmation via email
  5. 5. Participate in the consultation call

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What is included in the consultation:
  • Analyse your situation
  • Suggest the appropriate category for your application
  • Assess your eligibility
  • Discuss possible issues and suggest the best solutions to overcome them
  • If you have already applied and there is a problem with your application, advice on possible solutions
  • If possible, offer a second opinion on applications already filed
What is not discussed or provided during a consultation:
  • Written summary of the call
  • Applications and supporting documents are not normally reviewed during a consultation
  • The consultation does not include assistance with completing application forms
  • A list of documents is not normally provided as part of the consultation. If you choose to retain us to assist you, a document checklist will be provided to you at this time.

Corporate Solutions

We focus on counseling corporate clients on various immigration matters. We provide efficient and proactive corporate immigration solutions and assist more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies to bring global talent and their families to work and live in Italy. We are acquainted with assisting large corporations and strictly comply with company policies, privacy protection, and anti-bribery policies.

Foreign nationals appointed as officers (Chairman, C. E. O., Member of board of directors, Auditor) of Italian companies (Srl, Spa) in activity since at least 3 years can apply for a self-employment visa. The issuance of these visas is subject to the availability of the quotas.
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The EU Blue card (Carta Blu UE – Art. 27-quater of Italian Immigration law) is a work permit for highly qualified workers who have a valid work contract or binding job offer from an employer based in Italy. It can be applied for at any time of the year, as it is not subject to the limitations of the immigration quotas.
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Italian Immigration law provides for different kinds of work permits for highly skilled workers assigned to work temporarily in Italy. Under these options, workers do not become local employees but maintain an employment relationship with the home country employer.
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Entrepreneurs & Startups

We provide comprehensive legal advice and practical assistance for entrepreneurs intending to set up or invest in a business or an innovative startup, and obtain a permit which allows them to work and live in Italy.

The “start-up visa” is aimed to non-EU nationals intending to set up an innovative start-up business (companies must meet the conditions set forth by law 221/2012) or to join an already established startup Company.
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With few exceptions, Italy allows foreigners to register a new ordinary company entirely owned by foreign individuals or companies. If the company is adequately funded, it can hire immediately non- EU highly skilled workers, without need of hiring a certain number of local workers.
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The type and number of self-employment (lavoro autonomo) authorizations available to non-EU nationals are set by means of the quota decree. Not all self-employment categories are available each year.
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Investors & High net worth individuals

We provide comprehensive legal advice and practical assistance investors who intend to invest and relocate in Italy. We provide legal advices also for HNW individuals who intend to retire or relocate in Italy.

This is a visa for investors seeking to enter Italy to engage in capital investments that benefit the Italian economy. The Investors’ Visa can be obtained by purchasing Italian government bonds, investing in an Italian company/start-up, donating in philanthropic projects of public interest.
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ERV requires the applicant to show a minimum passive income of no less than € 31,000/year and to have a suitable accommodation in Italy. Consulates focus their scrutiny on the ability of the applicants to prove a stable and substantial income not deriving from work sources, and to confirm the applicants’ intention to live permanently in the country without working.
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Other services

After five years of legal stay and provided the eligibility requirements are met, a foreign national can apply for permanent residency i.e. EU residence permit for long term residents (Permesso di soggiorno UE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo), valid indefinitely. Main requirements are:
  • have a minimum income no lower than the annual amount of the welfare allowance
  • be regular resident of Italy for at least 5 years
  • provide police clearances certificates
  • pass an Italian language test, equivalent to the A2 level.
  • have a suitable accommodation
Italy is a member State of the European Union. Under the EU principle of freedom of movement and establishment, EU citizens can live and work in Italy without the need of a work permit. Any EU citizens who intend to transfer residency in Italy and are therefore willing to stay for a period exceeding 3 months must register with local authorities (Comune i.e. local municipality). EEA/EFTA nationals enjoy the same treatment as EU citizens in terms of freedom of movement.
Generally speaking any foreign national legally residing in Italy or in possession of a visa of at least 1 year has the right to have family members joining. EU Citizens have the right to enter and stay freely in Italy and similar provisions apply to family members accompanying or joining the EU citizen.
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A study visa (visto studio) can be issued to students enrolled in Italian Universities, courses held by recognized Schools, students participating in exchange and mobility programs or for internships. The holder of a study visa must apply for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno studio) within 8 days of arrival in Italy. Holders of a Study Permit can work in Italy for a max 20 hours a week and 1040 hours yearly; if they want to work full time, they must apply for a conversion from a study permit to a permit for work reasons (permesso di soggiorno per lavoro subordinato/autonomo)
Holders of a Study Permit can work in Italy only for a maximum of 20 hours a week and 1040 hours yearly. Depending on a number of factors, they can apply for a conversion (conversione) of their permit to a permit which allows them to work full time and to remain in Italy after the expiration of the study permit. Holders of an EU residence permit for long term residents can apply for a conversion of their permit into an Italian permit for work.
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