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We provide legal services to individuals who want to obtain Italian citizenship by descent (including assistance with cases of 1948 Court actions), naturalization by residency or by marriage/civil union. Contact us for an initial assessment to check your eligibility.

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Italian Citizenship Legal Services & Assistance

Mazzeschi Legal Counsels is founded in 2007, specialized in Italian immigration, citizenship, and corporate law. With a multilingual team of experienced Italian Citizenship lawyers and paralegals, we can assist clients with all types of citizenship procedures.

We provide comprehensive legal services and practical assistance for foreigners who may be entitled and would like to obtain Italian citizenship, including filing Court action against the rule that prevents the transmission of Italian citizenship by women before 1948.

Our Multilingual Service Desks is an integrated part of our team, with native English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese speaking associates serving as a contact point for our clients.

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Our Services for Acquiring Italian Citizenship

Our service starts with an initial assessment to check your eligibility for Italian citizenship.

Once we confirm you are eligible, we can assist you with document procurement, translation, and legalization of necessary documents for citizenship applications. After obtaining all documentation, we will process and complete the citizenship application. We also assist with the preparation of applications to be submitted to the town hall of residence in Italy.

Our service includes:
  • Legal advice on citizenship compliance
  • Advise of documents to submit and drafting documents
  • Preparation and submission of citizenship application
  • Fast-track citizenship procedure
  • Court action for applicants born to an Italian mother before 1948
Extra Services:
  • Document translation and Attestation
  • Legalization and Apostille
  • Residency registration with Town-hall
  • National Health Service registration
  • Identity Card application
  • Home feasibility certificate

In case you are not sure if you are eligible to apply for your Italian citizenship, click the button below to contact us, and follow the instructions to initiate your case. Please be advised that in some cases we may require the payment of a consultation fee for the initial assessment and schedule a 30 minutes call with one of our citizenship experts.

Find out the pathways to acquire Italian Citizenship

The most common pathways to obtain Italian Citizenship are by ancestry/descent, marriage/civil union, and residency/naturalization.

Here below an overview of common pathways to obtain the Italian citizenship with general introductions. By clicking the “READ MORE” button, you will find more detailed information about eligibility, documents and requirements, application procedures, and our services and assistance.

Italian Citizenship by Descent

Italian citizenship is based upon the principle of “jure sanguinis”. (blood right, according to ancient Latin). This means that a child born to an Italian mother or father have also the right to claim Italian citizenship, regardless of where the child was born.

Requirements are based on a combination of various factors and events related to parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. The primary requirement to be eligible to apply for Italian citizenship is to have at least one ancestor born in Italy who possessed Italian citizenship, without any generational limit.

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Italian Citizenship by Descent
Lawsuit in Court (1948 case)

If you or your ancestors were born to a mother of Italian origin before January 1, 1948, the process may not be so straightforward. A lawsuit must be filed before the Civil Court of Rome and the counterpart of the lawsuit will be the Italian Ministry of Interior.
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Italian citizenship by Marriage/Civil Union

If you are married or in a civil union with an Italian citizen you may already meet compulsory requirements to apply for Italian citizenship, or you will probably meet them in the near future.

The requirements depend on the place of residence and on the presence of children. For couples residing in Italy requirements are 2 years of residency and 2 years of marriage, while for couples residing abroad, the condition is 3 years of marriage. When children are present with the couple, both terms are reduced to half.

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Italian Citizenship through Naturalization by Residency

If you have been legally resident in Italy, and you are still resident, you may be eligible for citizenship through residency and apply for Italian citizenship through naturalization.

The requirements can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as your nationality, the length of your stay in Italy and even the status of your parents and grandparents.

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Reacquisition of Italian Citizenship

Any person who has been Italian for a certain period of his life can request the reacquisition of Italian citizenship.
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