Service Agreement Assignment Work Permit

This is a work permit for foreign employees who are temporarily assigned to Italy to perform services/activities under a contract. Contact us for an initial consultation and price quote by filling out the online form.

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The Annual Quota System of Work Permit in Italy

NON-EU citizens must obtain a work clearance/permit (Nulla Osta) to be able to work in Italy. Such a clearance/permit is issued based on the available quota which is fixed annually by means of a Decree – the so-called “decreto-flussi“. The decree sets the numerical limits (quota) of work clearance/permits that can be issued for each category of foreign workers and the application submission time frame. Work permits are normally granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Service Agreement Assignment – Extra Quota Work Permit

Several categories of workers are excluded from the cap and are not subject to a fixed limit, such as ICT assignments, highly qualified workers, executives or managerial employees assigned to the Italian branch of a foreign legal entity, university lecturers and professors, translators and interpreters, professional nurses, researchers etc.

Italian Immigration law provides two different kinds of intra-company transfer work permits for workers from non- EU countries assigned to work temporarily in Italy. When the assignment does not qualify for an intra-company transfer, it is possible to proceed with a different kind of application pursuant to art. 27 c. 1 lett. (i) of Italian Immigration law.

Who is Eligible for Service Agreement Assignment Work Permit

Service Agreement Assignment is a work permit for foreign employees who are temporarily assigned to Italy to perform services/activities under a contract concluded between the foreign employer and the company operating in Italy for whom the services are intended. If the sending employer is based in an EU country, a fast-track procedure is available. Individuals who have a work permit (and who are hired locally) issued by another EU country can be transferred to Italy based upon a service agreement between their employer and an Italian company. In such a case a work permit is not needed but it is sufficient that the Italian company sends a notice to the local immigration office. Cannot exceed 4 years. Foreign companies posting employees to Italy under the service agreement procedure are subject to the obligations set forth in Decree n. 136/2016 (EU Posted Workers Directive (2014/67) on the posting of workers in the context of the provision of services): send posted worker notification (notifica di distacco); documents retention; appoint a representative in Italy.

Application Procedure of Service Agreement Assignment Work permit and your Permit of Stay

Even though there may be slight variations from one category to the other, the standard procedure for obtaining a work permit is the following:

  1. Work permit (Nulla Osta) Online application, filed by the Italian employer/host company;
  2. Work Visa (Visto) application, filed by the worker at the Italian Consulate which has jurisdiction over his place of residence.
  3. Entry into Italy, within 8 days the worker must go to the local Immigration Office (Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione), sign the contract of stay (contratto di soggiorno) and/or file the application for the permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno).
  4. Obtain your permit of stay (Permesso di soggiorno),  After filing the application for the permit of stay, another appointment will be fixed (appointment for the fingerprints). After completing this second appointment, the police will issue the permit of stay.

    Our Services for Service Agreement Assignment Work and Residence Permit

    We can assist clients with every step of the process, from the work permit (Nulla Osta) application with the Immigration Office (Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione) until the collection of the residence permit. Through our network of 100+ local consultants, we accompany our clients in person in all major cities in Italy and guarantee a complete and well-presented application to achieve a higher chance of success.

Our services include:
  • Legal advice on immigration compliance
  • Provide drafts and advise on documentations
  • Prepare and submit work permit application
  • Provide guidelines on Visa application
  • Practical assistance and personal accompany for contract of stay application
  • Practical assistance and personal accompany for all appointment regarding to residence permit application
Extra Services:
  • Document translation and Attestation
  • Legalization / Apostille
  • Posted worker notification
  • Residency registration with Town-hall
  • Health National Service registration
  • Identity Card application
  • Home feasibility certificate

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