Contribution to LexisNexis: EU external border control systems

Sep 14, 2023

All you need to know about EU external border control systems

Attorney Marco Mazzeschi, Giuditta Petreni and Yuu Shibata contributed to LexisNexis a comprehensive Practice Note on “EU external border control systems”.

This Practice Note is an explanation of the EU external border control systems, and focuses on the EU Visa Systemm and the various tools that has been introduced in the EU border control policy, i.e. SIS, VIS, EES and ETIAS.

A Practice Note on the EU external border control systems


  • EU external border control systems
  • Background information
  • EU visa policy
    • Overview of short-stay visas regime
    • Applying for the Schengen visa: rules and process
    • Where to lodge the visa application
    • How to apply for the Schengen visa
    • Grounds for a refusal of a visa and the right of appeal
    • Right to appeal against the decision of visa refusal
    • The duty to state reasons for visa refusal and the right to an effective remedy against a decision refusing the visa issuance
    • Territorial validity of the visa
    • Airport transit visa
    • How to read the Schengen visa sticker
    • Grounds for extension of short-term Schengen visas
      • Ground for requesting an extension
      • To whom the request must be made?
      • Circumstances when it is mandatory to extend the visa
    • Circumstances when the extension is discretionary
      •  Territorial validity of an extended visa
      •  Length of stay allowed for by an extended visa
      • Checks to assess a request for an extension of a visa
  • Schengen visa: digitalisation of visa application
  • Visa Information System (VIS)
  • Schengen Information System (SIS)
    • Types of information entered in the SIS
    • Information stored in the SIS
    • Procedure to request the deletion or correction of data in the SIS
  • Entry/Exist System (EES)
    • Objectives of EES
  • European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS)
    • How ETIAS works
    • Travel documents accepted
    • Actions against refusal of ETIAS authorisation
    • ETIAS and the fundamental rights protection
  • Differences between EES—ETIAS and VIS—SIS
    • Differences between EES and ETIAS
    • Differences between VIS and SIS
  • How are the Schengen 90/180 days calculated?
  • Local border traffic regime


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