Italy’s MISE Launches “Task Force China”

Jan 25, 2019


Launched by Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) “Task Force China” is an initiative meant to strengthen and develop cooperation, dialogue, trade and economic relationships between Italy and China.

Operating  within the guidelines set by MISE and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAECI) , the Task Force will work together with the Ministries of Economy and Finance, Interior, Education, Transport and Infrastructure, Culture and Agriculture and Tourism, and will be coordinated by Under Secretary Geraci, relying on the contributions, know-how and output of MISE and MAECI, as well as the inputs from the annual Yanqi Lake, retreats organised by the Italian Embassy in Beijing.

Marco Mazzeschi has been chosen as a contributor to Task Force China for the area Demography & migration, please find below the Task Force China newsletter, or contact us by filling out the online form or via email to obtain the newsletter in PDF format.


Newsletter Task Force China #1

Newsletter task force China #1 from Ya-Hsin Lai

Newsletter Task Force China #2

Newsletter task force China #2 from Ya-Hsin Lai

Reference: Ministry of Economic Development News



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