Post-Brexit guidance and assistance for UK citizens moving to or living in Italy

Until December 31, 2020 UK citizens will be able to enjoy their EU free movement rights in all EU countries, and therefore can continue to live, work and study in Italy as they did before 31 January 2020 (Transition Period). Italian Law provides for that Brits, like any other EU nationals, who intend to stay in Italy for a period exceeding three months should register with the Anagrafe (Register Office) of the Municipality where they live.

How does the registration procedure work?

Applicants must contact the Anagrafe (Register Office) of the municipality (Comune) where they live to apply for registration. The application can be filed personally, by post (registered mail) or electronically (e-mail). In addition to the application form – duly filled out – and valid ID documents, it is necessary to submit proof of accommodation and evidence of meeting the conditions to reside in Italy for more than 3 months (above).

The officer of the Registry Office should proceed with the registration within two days from submission. In the following 45 days, authorities shall verify the registration requirements, as well as the applicant’s presence at the address indicated in the application.

In absence of any communication the procedure should be completed in 45 days from the application. Once the registration is completed, you can apply for an Attestazione di Iscrizione Anagrafica from your local comune (see below)

Brexit FAQs

  1. What happens after December 31st?
    UK citizens will be treated as non-EU national by all means. They should be treated as visa waiver nationals (e.g. USA, Canada), not requiring a visa to travel to Schengen countries for short visits for business or tourism. If they are travelling for “work” – unless an agreement is reached between the EU and UK before Dec. 31 – they would need a work permit and visa. Longer visits (+ 90 days) will require a visa and residence permit. However, this is not yet confirmed as it is one of the many things to be decided.

  2. What does the Withdrawal Agreement do in terms of citizens’ rights?
    It guarantees the rights of over 3 million EU citizens in the United Kingdom, and over 1 million United Kingdom nationals in EU countries, safeguarding their right live, work and study for those registered (see FAQ 2) before 31 Dec 2020. This means that even if the UK and the EU fail to agree a trade deal, the protections provided by the Withdrawal Agreement will remain in place.

  3. What is the transition period?
    This is a period of time (ending 31 December 2020) during which the United Kingdom is regarded as an EU Member State, but no longer participates in the EU institutions and governance structures. The purpose of the transition period is to allow negotiation of a partnership between EU member States and the United Kingdom.

  4. What should I do if:
    • I am a UK citizen living in Italy but I have never registered with the local Register OfficeYou should register with the Anagrafe (Register Office) of the municipality where you live as soon as possible before the end of the Transition Period (December 31, 2020)
    • I am a UK citizen living in Italy and I have registered with the local Register OfficeYou should contact the Anagrafe (Register Office) of the municipality (Comune) where you live to apply for Attestazione di Iscrizione Anagrafica, as per latest circular on residency registration. This is the document attesting UK citizens’ right to reside in Italy for a period longer than 3 months.

  5. What happens to healthcare coverage?
    During transition period– UK citizens registered with municipality (FAQ3) by December 31st are entitled to register with the Italian state healthcare system.
    After – This is under discussion between the EU and the UK. It is highly likely that private health insurance would be required to travel and stay in Italy - as for any non-EU national – at least until can register with the Italian State healthcare system (non-EU citizens need immigration paperwork to do this)

  6. Will UK citizens be able to work in Italy?
    During transition period – at the moment EU citizens are treated the same as Italian employees, this should continue for UK citizens registered in Italy before the end of the Transition Period.
    After – UK citizens will be non-EU nationals and any Italian company looking to hire a non-EU national needs to follow Italian Immigration Law where the employee requires a work permit, work visa and residence permit. In general, for any trip that is longer than 90 days, UK citizens will need to go through the options available in Italian Immigration Law.

  7. How will Italian citizenship rules change for UK citizens?
    During transition period – UK citizens applying for citizenship before 31/12/2020 will be treated as EU citizens for which requirement for citizenship through naturalisation is being registered for at least 4 years in Italy, this period must be uninterrupted and maintained until citizenship adjudication (this may take up to 4 years)
    After – as most aspects, this is yet to be agreed on. We do not know whether a UK citizen (registered in Italy before 31/12/2020) applying for citizenship after the transition period would be required to have 4 years vs 10 years residency (required for non-EU nationals applying for citizenship through naturalisation)

[updated 07/08/2020]

Mazzeschi Brexit Helpdesk

Mazzeschi has launched a Brexit helpdesk to act as a point of advice and assistance for UK citizens moving to or living in Italy, our flexible structure allows us to assist clients throughout Italy.

The Brexit helpdesk is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm CEST. You can contact the helpdesk using the following:

Phone: +39 0577926921

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