Italy – business visitors specification

01 Feb 18

Italian Consulates are becoming increasingly rigorous in assessing business visas requests, applying the definition of business to the strict of the law.
The definition can be found on the Visa Decree 80/2005:
“Il visto per affari consente l’ingresso in Italia, ai fini di un soggiorno di breve durata, allo straniero che intenda viaggiare per finalità economico-commerciali, per contatti o trattative, per l’apprendimento o la verifica dell’uso e del funzionamento di beni strumentali acquistati o venduti nell’ambito di contratti commerciali e di cooperazione industriale”

The literal translation is “a business visa allows foreign nationals to make short visits to Italy for business (economic-commercial) purposes, to make contacts or conduct negotiations, for learning or verifying the use and functioning of capital goods purchased or sold under commercial and industrial cooperation agreements”

Despite having received confirmation from the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs that other types of activities can also be regarded as business (for example, a recent response was received confirming that “maintenance and repair of machinery sold by the sending company” could be done on business), nevertheless it is recommended that all business visa applications and invitation letters adhere to the terms and definitions set forth by the Visa Decree.

This post was written by Ya Hsin
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