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Feb 21, 2024

Children born by surrogacy and adoption in special cases

Children born by surrogacy: no indication in the birth certificate of the so-called intended parent. The parent who shares the parental plan...
Feb 20, 2024

Which one is the toughest Italian visa to obtain?

Some kind of Italian visas are promoted as very easy to obtain, but is it really true? Italian Visa : There are various types of Italian...
Feb 16, 2024

Italian citizenship: some clarifications in light of recent rulings

It is unlawful to deny Italian citizenship if the decree does not indicate the periods or years when the declared income of the applicant...
Feb 12, 2024

Italian Immigration and Citizenship updates: Draft bill on public safety, protection of personnel in service, etc.

A draft bill has been presented to the Chamber of Deputies, containing provisions related to public safety, the protection of personnel in...
Feb 08, 2024

What are the requirements to obtain the Italian passport?

A passport is both a travel and an identification document issued:  in Italy by the Police Headquarters; abroad by...
Feb 08, 2024

Italy – Albania: Agreement on pensions and unemployment benefits to protect workers

Yesterday, the Italian government announced the signing of the bilateral social security agreement between Italy and Albania which will...
Feb 07, 2024

Can you be recognized as an Italian citizen by descent if your ancestor was a minor when his/her parents acquired another citizenship?

Can you be recognized as an Italian citizen by descent if your ancestor was a minor when his/her parents acquired foreign citizenship?...
Jan 31, 2024

Decreto Flussi 2024: Click days postponed to March

Decreto Flussi 2024: Updates The “click days” for “in-quota” work permit applications have been postponed to March. The...
Jan 29, 2024

Canada Implements Apostille Convention

In a move to simplify and expedite the process of document authentication, Canada has recently implemented the Apostille Convention. This...
Jan 17, 2024

How to apply for Italian Citizenship: Tips to find your Italian ancestor’s place of birth

How to apply for Italian Citizenship? Are you wondering about how to apply for Italian Citizenship? If you wish to know more about your...
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