Frequently Asked Questions on How to start a business in Italy

Jun 12, 2020

How to start a business in Italy (establish a company in Italy)

Woud you like to start your on business in Italy?

Below you can find a summary of the most common questions that we receive for establishing a company.

1Can a foreigner start a business in Italy?As a general rule, a foreigner can establish a company in Italy. However, there might be some exceptions depending on the case. Please contact us for an initial assessment.
2What are the main types of company in Italy?The main types of company in Italy are:
SRL (Limited liability company)
SPA (Joint Stock company).
3Which one do you suggest?The answer depends on the scale of your business in Italy and your objectives. The most common type of company in Italy is “SRL” (Limited liability company).
4Can I open a Branch in Italy?As a general rule, it is possible to open a branch in Italy, however, there are some requirements that must be met. Please contact us for an initial assessment.
5Can I open a representative office?Yes. However, the business activities that are allowed to perform by a representative office is quite limited. For further details, please click here.
6Is it easy to start a business in Italy?Establishing a company (or branches and representative offices) in Italy is not a complicated procedure, however there are some points that need a special attention, especially if the owner of the new company is a foreingner.
For the formation of a company in Italy, we will ask you to send us some information and documents, and we will do all the incorporation proceedure.
7Do I have to live in Italy to establish a company?No, you do not need to live in Italy to set up a company here.

8Do I need to have a residence permit or a work permit to establish a company in Italy?No, you do not need to have any residence or work permit to set up a company here.

9Do I need to have residence permit to be appointed as comapny director?No, it is not necessary. Foreigners can appointed without need to be living or be physically present in Italy.

10 Can I apply for a work visa if I am appointed as company director?Only if the company has been in activity since 3 years and it is in good standing.

11 In which cities do you offer your services of establishing a Company?We can assist you in establishing a company in any city of Italy.

12I am ready to start the procedure for establishing a company in Italy, however at this moment I do not have the address/place where to develop my business. Can I still start establishing a new company?In some cases, it is necessary to indicate the exact address of the company when it will be registered, however, there are also some exceptions depending on the activity of your business. Please contact us for further information.

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