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Aug 28, 2023

Italian Electronic ID Card (CIE): What is it and how can I apply for it?

The Italian electronic ID Card (CIE) is the identity document of Italian and foreign citizens issued by the Italian Ministry of the Interior....
Jul 31, 2023

Residency Registration of foreigners living in Italy: About the Iscrizione Anagrafica and Residenza

Residency Registration in Italy: Iscrizione Anagrafica and Residenza. What do they mean? Foreign citizens with a valid Italian permit of...
Feb 08, 2023

Elective Residence Visa and taking Residency in Italy

The Italian Revenue Agency confirmed (in response to inquiry no. 119 of January 20, 2023) that taking a Residency in Italy is a requirement...
Oct 04, 2022

Know Your Social Security Rights

Individuals legally residing in the EU relocating to another member State have the right to maintain their social security rights,...
Jul 21, 2022

Living and working in Italy: FAQs

Can I apply or extend my business visa in Italy? Can I work in other EU countries with my Italian permit? Can I bring my spouse and children with...
Jul 15, 2022

Can I work remotely from Italy without a work visa?

Italy does not have any specific provision regarding “remote working” carried out by foreign visitors. The only reference we have found and...
Jul 05, 2022

Can I register with the Italian National Health Care System (SSN) as a foreigner?

In this article, you will find the answers to the most frequent questions on the required documents for third-country nationals with an...
Jun 03, 2022

Tips for refurbishing your second home in Italy

If you cannot hire a general contractor, what can you do to avoid delays, misunderstandings, and disputes with the various suppliers? Small...
May 27, 2022

Residency registration in Italy: mandatory for those who obtain an Elective Residence Visa

Italy has an address registration system called “registrazione anagrafica”. This is the registration of each individual living in Italy...
Oct 18, 2021

What is considered a suitable accommodation to obtain a visa/permit of stay?

Evidence of having a suitable accommodation is a mandatory requirement for most visa/residency applications and must be readily available after...
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