Residence permit in Italy for workers and students awaiting for employment

May 17, 2021

I have lost my job, do I have to leave the country?

Individuals holding a permit for work reasons who lose their job (also in case of dismissal) can, upon expiry of their current permit, apply for a “permit awaiting for employment” (permesso per attesa occupazione). In order to do so, within 40 days from the last day of work, must register as unemployed with the relevant Unemployment Agency (Centro per l’Impiego, declaring immediate availability to work (DID “Dichiarazione di Immediata Disponibilità”). This can be done online or by visiting the relevant “Centro per l’Impiego

The individual can be registered as unemployed for the remaining validity of the permit for work and anyway for not less than 1 year (or for the time he receives unemployment benefits, if applicable), during which he can remain in Italy and look for a job.

Upon expiring of the permit for work, the holder shall file an application for a “permit awaiting for employment” by filling out the “yellow KIT” available at authorised post offices.

As a general rule, the “awaiting for employment” permit cannot be renewed for more than 1 year. Upon expiry, the holder has the following options:

  • Can apply for a permit for work if has found a job;
  • Can attempt to apply for renewal if can show availability of financial means. In this case the renewal will be at the discretion of authorities.

Holders of Blue card permit who lose their job can also apply for the permit “Attesa Occupazione

Can a student remain in Italy after completion of the study course to look for a job?

If you hold an Italian accredited undergraduate/graduate degree, Ph.D., university “master”, first/second level academic degree, Higher Technical Institute diploma, you can register as unemployed and apply for a permit for the purpose of job searching or entrepreneurship (Permesso di soggiorno per ricerca lavoro o imprenditorialita‘ degli studenti). This kind of permit allows students to legally live in Italy after their graduation while searching for a job/start a business for max 1 year.

The process requires to register as unemployed with the employment centre and apply for a permit for job search/entrepreneurship (Permesso di soggiorno per ricerca lavoro o imprenditorialita’ degli studenti). Requirements are: have an income not lower than social allowance (about EUR 6000 p/y) and a health insurance, be graduated in Italy, be registered as unemployed. This permit can be converted in a permit for work.

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