Italy: Quota-Free Entry for Workers Completing Approved Training Programs

Jun 10, 2024
Quota-Free Entry for Workers Completing Approved Training Programs

Quota-Free Entry for Workers Completing Approved Training Programs

Quota-Free Entry for Workers: A recent amendment to the Italian Immigration Law (Testo Unico dell’Immigrazione), introduced in 2023, represents a significant innovation for the entry of foreign workers through a non-quota entry route. The new provisions allow foreign workers who have completed professional and civic-linguistic training programs approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies to enter Italy and be employed at any time of the year, without being subject to the limitations of entry quotas set by the flow decrees (decreti flussi).

Requirements for Quota-Free Entry

To benefit from this opportunity, workers must have completed training programs in Professional Training (to acquire the technical skills needed to perform specific job roles required by Italian companies) and Civic-Linguistic Training (Italian language learning and civic training to facilitate the workers’ integration into Italian society)

Only programs officially recognized by the Ministry qualify workers for the “quota-free” entry. For more details, you can view the list of approved programs and countries involved in the project here

How to Apply

The government has published an in-depth guide detailing the steps of the application process, the requirements and a list of frequently asked questions. For comprehensive information, visit the official source here

Entry and Employment Procedure

The procedure for bringing in and employing foreign-trained workers includes:

  • Identification of Programs: Companies need to identify and collaborate with approved training programs.
  • Entry Application: Employers can submit an application for the entry of the foreign-trained worker at any time during the year.
  • Evaluation and Authorization: Competent authorities will evaluate the application and, if approved, authorize the worker’s entry into Italy.

Benefits for Companies

This new provision offers several advantages to Italian companies:

  • Flexibility: Companies can quickly respond to labor needs without waiting for annual flow decrees.
  • Competitiveness: Allowing faster access to qualified workers helps companies maintain and increase their market competitiveness.
  • Targeted Training: Workers who complete approved training programs are already prepared for the specific needs of Italian companies.

Guidelines and FAQs

The guidelines and FAQs provide further details on how to prepare and evaluate training programs, as well as how to proceed with the employment of workers:

In summary, the “quota-free” entry channel is a crucial tool for meeting the demand for qualified workers by Italian companies, simplifying and speeding up the process of bringing in and employing foreign workers.

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