Italy’s Student Visa: can I bring my partner or family with me?

Aug 23, 2022

Are you coming to Italy to study for at least one year and would you like to bring your family with you? 

First of all, Non-EU family members (spouses and children) of the holder of an Italian Study visa qualify for a permit of stay for family reason to join their family member during his/her study in Italy, but under certain conditions. 

For further information about the definition of “Family Members” under Immigration Law, please check the following article: 

What do I need to bring my family to Italy with me? 

Firt of all, you will need a study visa valid for no less than 12 months, latest family certificates, adequate housing in Italy, housing feasibility certificate, adequate financial means, etc. This list is not exhaustive and the other requirements and the list of documents for requesting the Italian permit of stay varies depending on many aspects of the case. (e.g. the Italian city where you are going to live, number of family members, nationality of the family members, etc.).  

How and Where to apply for the Italian permit of stay for family members? 

Once in possession of the supporting documents dully notarized, legalized, apostilled and/or translated, the family members of the study visa holder can proceed with the application of the permit of stay for family reasons at the local post office.  

After filing the application, the applicants will be given: 

  • an application receipt allowing them to remain in Italy post the tourist allowance while waiting for the permit of stay card to be issued  
  • an invitation letter to attend the “fingerprints” appointment at the local police office 

Benefits of the Permit of Stay for family reasons. 

·        It allows the holder to remain in Italy past the 90 days tourist allowance  

·        It allows working activities with no limitations 

·        It allows the holder to travel in other Schengen Countries for up to 90 days on a 180 days period 

The information provided on this article (i) does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; (ii) are for general informational purposes only.

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