New Long-Stay Visa for Foreign Family Members of an Italian or EU Citizen Residing in Italy

Jun 06, 2024

Visa for non-EU Family Members of an Italian or EU Citizen Residing in Italy

Starting June 1, 2024, the significant amendment to Article 23 of Legislative Decree 30/2007 has brought substantial changes to the visa issuance procedure for the non-EU family members of Italian or European Union citizens residing in Italy. This new regulation requires that foreign family members traveling to Italy for family reunification purposes, intending to stay longer than 90 days, must apply for a national visa for “family reasons” (Type D), rather than a short-stay visa for tourism or family visits.

Eligible family members, as defined in Article 2 of Legislative Decree 30/2007, include:

  • Spouse
  • Registered Partners: Partners with a registered partnership recognized by the legislation of a Member State, provided the host Member State treats such partnerships as equivalent to marriage.
  • Direct Descendants: Children under the age of 21 or financially dependent children, including those of the spouse or partner.
  • Financially Dependent Ascendants: Direct relatives in the ascending line and those of the spouse or partner.

Main Requirements

Applicants must provide civil status documentation proving the family relationship, translated and legalized, or a marriage/civil union certificate transcribed in Italy. Additionally, an invitation letter from the Italian/EU family member indicating the intention to exercise the right to family reunification is required. This letter must be accompanied by a valid identity document of the inviting family member.

Where financial dependency is applicable, proof of financial support through remittances from the Italian/EU citizen must be presented. This economic support must be continuous and stable, although no minimum duration is specified.

These changes aim to streamline the process for family reunification, ensuring that foreign family members can join their loved ones in Italy more efficiently under the new national visa system.

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