About the Temporary Protection for Ukrainian Citizens in Italy

Mar 14, 2022

On 4 March 2022, the European Council activated the Temporary Protection Directive, through the Decision 2022/382 of 4 March 2022. The system of temporary protection was considered more appropriate than an asylum status due to the extraordinary and exceptional situation. 

The EU and the Member States are working on this, yet we do not have a concrete answer to the case, as some technical (legal) fulfilments are still required.

The current situation is as follows:

  • Now Temporary Protection Directive is binding and shall be implemented to Member States’ national law.
  • The Member States shall act according to the provisions indicated in Decision 2022/382 of 4 March 2022 and the Temporary Protection Directive.
  • For Italy, we are expecting a Decree (DPCM) for the enactment of the above, which should include the internal standards in order to process the request for temporary protection for Ukrainian Citizens.

If you are a Ukrainian Citizen and need to request temporary protection in Italy, you can also check the following links:

Furthermore, when entering Italy and requesting for temporary protection, please consider the following points:

  • Until 31st of March, you are required to respect anti Covid-19 measures in Italy.
  • At the point of entry into national territory or in any case within 5 days from the entry, your rights to receive the following vaccines: anti Covid-19, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis and Polio vaccines; and following an evalutaion of health authorities, there is an optional administration of measles vaccine, mumps, rubella vaccines and tuberculosis screening test, etc.
  • In order to know about the current anti Covid-19 measures and the validity of your sanitary documents, you can contact the ASL office (Local Health Care Center) of the “Comune” where you are staying in Italy.
  • If you don’t have accomodation in Italy, you can contact the “Prefettura” where you are staying in Italy (in this case, you must report your situation to the authorities).

For further information, you can also see: https://www.interno.gov.it/it/info-utili-lingresso-dei-profughi-ucraini-italia

Request of Temporary Protection in Italy: As above explained, there is no specifications reagarding the details of internal standards to process the request for temporary protection for Ukrainian Citizens. Yet, it should be possible to apply for the acquisition of temporary protection at the Immigration Offices of local police headquarters (Questura) – check your local Office at: https://questure.poliziadistato.it/localcity The operator will proceed with the requests and will print the mod. 209. A receipt, including a photo and the tax code of the applicant should be issued in order for him/her to access health services.

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