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Feb 21, 2024

Children born by surrogacy and adoption in special cases

Children born by surrogacy: no indication in the birth certificate of the so-called intended parent. The parent who shares the parental plan...
Feb 16, 2024

Italian citizenship: some clarifications in light of recent rulings

It is unlawful to deny Italian citizenship if the decree does not indicate the periods or years when the declared income of the applicant...
Oct 06, 2023

Report on the main laws governing Italian citizenship

This Report provides an immediate overview of the current law on European nationality and is excellent for analysing matters on Dual...
Apr 26, 2023

Italian Citizenship Updates: Italian citizenship by residence and taking residency in Italy

Italian Citizenship Updates: To grant Italian citizenship by residence (ex art. 9, co. 1, lett. f, Law No. 91/1992), the residence...
Apr 03, 2023

Milan stops the registration of children born in Italy to same-sex couples

Following a circular from the Ministry of the Interior and a clarification from the Milan Public Prosecutor, the Municipality of Milan stopped...
Feb 06, 2023

Loss of Italian citizenship for failure to take the oath of citizenship within 6 months: what remedies are there?

Once the decree granting Italian citizenship has been received, the applicant has 6 months to take an oath of allegiance to the Italian Republic...
Jan 27, 2023

FAQs: Italian Citizenship by Descent (Jure Sanguinis)

In this article, we answer to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the obtainment of the Italian Citizenship by Descent, also...
Jan 13, 2023

Dyslexia and Exemption from the Italian language test required for the EU residence permit

Dyslexia, diagnosed as a severe limitation to the ability to learn, is one of the causes of exemption from taking the Italian language knowledge...
Apr 06, 2022

Opening a Representative Office in Italy

The simplest business structure available to a foreign company to establish a presence in Italy is the “Representative Office” (in Italian:...
Apr 01, 2022

Buying a house in Italy

Can a foreign national buy a house in Italy? As a general rule, yes. Find out the property purchase process and an overview of taxes in this...
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