Waiting for citizenship (attesa di cittadinanza); now you can work!

May 22, 2024

The government has clarified that it is possible to work with a residence permit for awaiting citizenship (attesa cittadinanza). According to Article 6, paragraph 1 bis, of Italian Immigration law, residence permits for awaiting citizenship can be converted into a residence permit for work if the necessary requirements are met, consequently allowing the holder to engage in work activities.

Interestingly, it has also been clarified that it is possible to start working even before the permit is issued. While awaiting the appointment at the police headquarters (questura) for the issuance of the residence permit for awaiting citizenship, one can start work with just the receipt of the residence permit application, provided the employer files the necessary mandatory communication (Unilav in the case of subordinate work) or reports the employment relationship to INPS (in the case of domestic work).

What is the Italian Permit for Awaiting Citizenship (permesso di soggiorno per attesa cittadinanza)?

If you are eligible to Italian Citizenship, there is the possibility you can apply for the Italian Permit for awaiting citizenship.

First, you need to confirm your eligibility to citizenship. Then, you must be sure to have all supporting documents and certificates, duly legalised and translated. Having completed these two steps, you will have to travel to Italy.

Once arrived in Italy, you must report your presence to Police within 8 days (this step is not required if you obtained an entry stamp from Italian border guards on the passport) you must file a residency registration application at the City Hall (Comune). Be aware that for this step, you will be required to submit also a minimum 1-year lease agreement together with other required documents.

After residency will be confirmed, the next step is to file the citizenship application and submit the supporting documents at the competent City Hall. Once the Citizenship Application will be submitted, the next step is to apply for a permit “awaiting for citizenship” at the Post Office.

This article was written by Giuditta Petreni

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