All you need to know about AIRE: The Registry Office for Italian Citizens Residing Abroad

Feb 09, 2023

All you need to know about AIRE

Do you know what AIRE means in Italy? If you are an Italian citizen or you are trying to get your Italian citizenship, you need to know about AIRE, the Registry Office for Italian Citizens Residing Abroad. In this article, you will find answers to the most common questions we receive from Italian citizens living abroad.

1. What is AIRE? 
AIRE is an acronim for the Registry Office for Italian Citizens Residing Abroad, a system that contains data and information on Italian citizens residing abroad for a period longer than 12 months.

2. What are the competent institutions for AIRE registration?
The Italian municipalities are the competent bodies for the registration of Italian citizens resident both abroad and in Italy.

3. What are the benefits for AIRE-registered citizens?
The Italian citizen enrolled in the AIRE can benefit from the services generally carried out by the Italian municipalities (issuance of identity card and passport, provision of any subsidies, assistance in repatriation, request for certificates, etc.) in the competent consular office and can also exercise the right to vote abroad.

4. Who must register AIRE?
a) Italian citizens who intend to move their residence abroad for a period longer than 12 months;
b) Italian citizens born abroad and residing from birth outside the Italian territory; and
c) those who acquire Italian citizenship abroad and have then transcribed the birth certificate and/or the decree granting citizenship in the State Civil registers of the Italian Municipality.

5. How to apply for AIRE?
The request must be submitted to the Consular Office with jurisdiction over the new foreign residence within 90 days from the expatriation. Registration can be requested by mail or by going personally to the Consular Office.  

6. Is it necessary to update the AIRE position?
Yes. To benefit from the consular services, any change concerning residence (address) or marital status must be communicated to the competent consular offices. Updates must also cover cohabiting family members with Italian citizenship.

7. How to apply for registry office certificates once joined the AIRE?
Italian citizens enrolled in the AIRE can apply for the issuance of certificates concerning residence and family status exclusively at the registry office of the Italian Municipality with which they are AIRE registered (generally, it is the last Italian municipality where the residence was registered before moving abroad). The certificates of existence in life, death, and birth can be issued both by the municipality and by the competent consular office

8. How to apply for Italian citizenship certificates if AIRE is registered?
Certificates of Italian citizenship are issued abroad by the consular authority. The Italian municipality can only issue a certificate attesting to the possession of Italian citizenship until the moment of the citizen’s transfer abroad. For Italian citizens born and residing abroad, however, the only body that can issue citizenship certification is the consular office territorially competent.

9. What to do in the event of repatriation?
Citizens who intend to repatriate or citizens residing abroad from birth who intend to move to Italy, must report to the registry office of the Italian Municipality where they intend to establish residence and declare what will be the new address. 

This article was written by Chiara Vignali and Giuditta De Ricco

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