Applying for investor visa at the Italian consulate or Italian Embassy

Oct 23, 2023

Applying for Investor Visa for Italy

Investor visa applications are granted priority and faster issuance by law. Therefore, applying for a priority visa at the Italian consulate can be a bit more streamlined than a regular visa application, but there are still two main challenges to overcome.

Investor Visa Application

Schedule an appointment with the Italian consulate or visa application center. It’s essential to book an appointment well in advance, as the slots for visa application can fill up quickly. Some consulates only take applications from external providers. Not all visa providers are aware of and accept to follow the regulations on prioritization of investors’ applications.

How can we help? Although visa application is an immigration step where we cannot assist with in person accompaniment, we are focused on providing the best advice possible by preparing our research on visa application centers and requirements in the country where the investor is residing. If necessary, we can step in to mediate with the visa offices to facilitate the processing of the application. 

Red flag on appointment: Sometimes, Investor Visa Committee is not very swift in notifying the competent Consular Authority about the issuance of the nulla-osta. As a consequence, when contacted by the Investor, the Visa officer does not accept to set any appointment without being prompted by the Ministry Of Made in Italy and Enterprises first.
How can we help? When appointed by the investor, we can for sure follow up with the Ministry to urge their action in notifying the nulla osta as soon as convenient to avoid any delay for the investor’s immigration process.

Preparing the supporting documents

The requirements for investor visa applications are set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the inter-ministerial decree with the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Made in Italy and Enterprises. This said, the guidelines shared by each Italian Consulate may result fuzzy at the eyes of a foreigner who is approaching the process for the first time. Obtaining the nulla osta is the biggest step to complete, however actually receiving the visa stamp is the real achievement.

How can we help? We offer full support for the preparation and review of the required documents. Filling the visa application form does look simple procedure, however it is easy to make mistakes that can cost you time for amends and clarification requests by the visa office. We can also support in offering legalized translations if any of your documents are not in Italian.

Always remember that patience is essential: Visa processing times can vary, even with the priority service. Be patient and allow sufficient time for your application to be processed. Always keep communication lines open with the consulate and be prepared to provide any additional information or documentation they request.

From our side, preparation and attention to detail are crucial in ensuring a smooth priority visa application process.

This article was written by Louise D. Machetti

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