Visa Options for Family Members of Italian Investor Visa Holders

Dec 21, 2023
Visa Options for Family Members of Italian Investor Visa Holders

Italian Investor Visa holders have the privilege of bringing their immediate family members to Italy. This typically includes Spouses; children under 18; dependent children aged over 18**; dependent parents**; or parents over 65 years of age** (**under certain specific conditions).

Family Reunification: two available paths

The family reunification process involves applying for visa or residence permit based on the relationship to the primary visa holder.

The first option is for the investor to apply for a family clearance:

This application can be filed only after the Investor has obtained his visa and has not travelled to Italy yet.

Challenge: Language barrier, complex documents requirements and stretched processing time. This process can result complicated to non -EU citizens: the application paperwork can be difficult to prepare also due to the language barrier (Immigration application portal is available in Italian only). Moreover, the application must be filed via proxy by a person legally resident in Italy. Although granted priority, some Immigration Offices do not immediately process the application. This can significantly affect the planned dates of arrival for Investors and their families.

How can we help? We generally provide drafts of the required Power of Attorney and take care of preparing and filing the application, providing detailed consultation on the required documents. After the filing, we follow up closely with relevant authorities to make sure the clearance is worked in the fastest possible way. After clearance is issued, the family can apply for their visa at the competent Italian Consular Office and plan their trip to Italy with their visas. Once in Italy, they must file an application for residence permit.

To understand the challenges that can be met once in Italy, let’s see the second available option, family cohesion:

Under this path, investor’s family members enter Italy and apply directly with the police for a family permit. Their application is linked to the Investor’s residence permit application.

Challenge: Changing guidelines and Office low responsiveness. Each Italian police office reserve the discretion to organize the workload and the processing of application according to their organizational needs. This lack of standardized procedure can create confusion and complicate the family’s residence permit applications. Liaising with the police can be difficult due to their unresponsiveness.

How can we help? Thanks to our experience, we have contacts with many of the Italian police offices. We can also make sure our local associates can attend at the competent office to follow up with the police.


If we compare the two processes, it is true that the accompanying family member process takes longer time to wait until the family’s entry clearance and visa are issued, but the good thing about this process is that the family obtains a one-year multiple entry Schengen visa.

On the other hand, the family cohesion process is faster, since the family travels to Italy as tourist, but after expiration of the 90 days allowance/ tourist visa, the family will face travel restrictions and won’t be able to travel within Schengen until their permit is issued.

Our expertise lies in knowing the bureaucratic maze, expediting the process to reunite your family as swiftly as possible. Every family is unique, and so are their immigration needs. We offer personalized solutions, taking into account the specific circumstances of your family members to ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation.

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This article was written by Louise Danielle Machetti

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