Filing the online application for Investor Visa for Italy

Nov 14, 2023

About the online application for Investor Visa for Italy

Let’s talk about the online application for Investor Visa for Italy. The Italian Government has created a tailored webpage for those who intend to apply for the Investor Visa program for Italy. Each investor must create their personal account on the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy portal.

Looking at the webpage, the whole application process looks quite straightforward: 1. creating a profile; 2. filling in the forms (contact details, CV, selection of investment); 3. uploading the required attachments; 4. downloading the final declaration; and finally, 5. Validating the declaration by electronic signature, and submitting the application.

However, filing an online application for the Investor Nulla Osta can prove to be a complex and time-consuming process.

Main difficulties when filling the online application for the Italian Investor Visa

Here is a list of the main difficulties that, in our experience, can turn the application process into a tangled web.

  • Engaging with the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy portal: Unfortunately, Government’s websites are generally not known for being so simple and user-friendly. Creating an account and understanding how and with how much information to fill some pages can be confusing.

    How can we help? Having filed more than 40 investor visa nulla osta applications, we are confidently navigating the portal, knowing the requirements on the CV information and on the uploaded documents’ formats and dimensions.
  • Complex documentation requirements: Ensuring that your documents meet the strict requirements set by the Italian Investor Visa Committee can be challenging. The Government’s guidelines may result hard to interpret to a foreigner, regardless of the text being available also in English.

    How can we help? As consultants, we can offer guidance and assist in verifying that all documentation is in order. Based on our experience, we can also provide templates of forms and wordings that have already been accepted for our other clients.
  • Changing regulations: Immigration regulations can change over time. Since the application process is handled by an automated online system, applicants must check for any change in the regulations or requirements themselves, without receiving any notification from the Investor visa committee.

    How can we help? As consultants, it is in our interest to stay updated on these changes and ensure that applicants are aware of any alterations in the application process.
  • Liaising with the Italian Investor visa Committee to monitor processing times: Waiting for a Nulla Osta approval can be stressful. The visibility on the ongoing assessment is reduced to a few formal steps on the online portal.

    How can we help? We do offer support and guidance throughout the waiting period, helping applicants stay patient and informed on any change, investigating on the possible causes for any delay.
  • Administrative Issues: Problems such as technical difficulties with the online portal, or misunderstandings with Italian authorities can arise. It is not new that, when using government websites, you may encounter some bugs that let you stuck in the middle of the application. Or that, after preliminary check of the documents, Investor visa Committee comes back with some integration requests that the applicant does not know how to satisfy.  

    How can we help? We can help resolve these issues by efficiently liaising directly with Investor visa committee, pointing out the main problems to be solved or clarifying the new requests on the documents to unblock the application.

In light of these difficulties, collaborating with immigration consultants who have a deep understanding of the Investor Nulla Osta application process can prove to be extremely beneficial.

This article was written by Louise D. Machetti

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